Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gonzales, Texas - Hillshade RV Park

We decided to hang out for a week at Hillshade RV Park in Gonzales, Texas.  We're taking it easy, doing less sightseeing and more formal "school."  Steve's been working on "re-tooling/continuing ed" in anticipation of re-entering the workforce when we're done, in addition to catching up on Battlestar Galactica, ever since he became a fan addict a few weeks ago.. I took advantage of full hook-ups & baked & cooked the days away.  I made a new family favorite recipe to add to my ever-growing soup repertoire---mulligatawny!

This was a great place to do all these things!. The rates are reasonable, the wifi is phenomenal, there are full hook-ups, and yet, the kids still have room to play (no playgrounds, though)!  Don't come here for the bathhouse, and know that you'll have to drive about 20 minutes to get to the store for groceries, but this is definitely a great place to let the kids be kids and catch up on "normal life," so to speak.  The owners are super nice and have five kids, all homeschooled, three of which are girls.  Our girls had a blast getting to know them, playing games, painting nails, and learning to hoop with their wide variety of hula hoops!  They had such great hoops, even I was able to hoop!

Another bonus was that the Lundy's, the family on-the-road we met in California, came here on our last full day here.  Since it was a Saturday, our kids, the Moer kids, and the Lundy's all played together all day!  Allen lent his expertise to help Steve out with a few RV issues that had him stumped.  A great ending to a great stop for us!

There was a lot of hooping going on
And a little jump rope too
Lizzy seemed to enjoy having an audience 
Genna was fond of Precious, and Precious asked a few times if she could keep her
The girls---the boys generally avoided our area

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