Monday, January 9, 2012

It Was Bound to Happen...

The dreaded stomach bug, ya know?  Seriously, we can sometimes go a couple years without getting it, but I'm pretty sure that getting it while full-timing in an RV was probably a rite of passage or something.  I have no right to complain; it really could have been so much worse.  With that said, it's never fun...and with four kids there's bound to be some disgusting laundry as a result.  There was, of course.  We stowed it underneath the RV so as not to add to the indoor stench, and fortunately we didn't attract any wildlife.  I didn't particularly enjoy toting that to the laundromat but had no choice as our bedding was too large to fit in onsite washers.  Of course it all happened at the end of a 9 day stay in one spot without sewer.  Niiice...I was praying we didn't overfill our tanks.  But hey, we survived, and surely we've paid our sick dues for awhile...right, God??  :)

Thought we needed a picture to document the misery

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Chas said...

Our crew has just experienced a head cold while we finish up the construction on our Bus to RV remodel that mainly resulted in grumpy girls. Not looking forward to catching a bug while traveling...our incinolet toilet will have to work overtime.