Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twin Falls, Idaho

We weren’t originally planning to stay a whole week here in Twin Falls, but we knew that it was time to stay put long enough to get our converter replaced, so we wouldn’t have to stay plugged in to a battery charger nonstop any time we aren’t driving the RV.  We couldn’t complain about the price at Oregon Trail Campground either--$115 for a whole week with full hook-ups & cable even.  Steve also got permission to wash the roof of the RV, which is a big deal because most places don’t allow any sort of RV maintenance onsite.  It’s not a beautiful campground, but they do have a soft grassy area that Jake could crawl around on, with a very small playground, and a very nice sandbox!   The office area also has a fussball table, pool table, drum set, some weights, and a coloring area for the little ones.  The kids were happy with it!  The owners are super nice, too. 
The Snake River Gorge

They allow Base jumpers off this bridge

The girls completed their compositions on the Oregon Trail & presented them.  They were awesome!   Both girls did an excellent job at incorporating facts they learned at the Interpretive Center into their first-person fictitious accounts of their own journey on the Trail.  They even dressed up for the event, and of course, Genna couldn’t be outdone. J

Alyssa reading her composition in costume

Genna providing comic relief between readings

We noticed there were Movies in the Park on Friday night.  Even though the girls had seen Tangled before, we still went.  Great setting, perfect grass, and perfect temps.  If only we could have stopped all the smokers from smoking around us, it would have been absolutely perfect!

Besides RV maintenance & repair, we managed a visit to the local farmer’s market on Saturday morning.  Fresh, local produce & farm fresh eggs make me happy! J  We ate well this week!
Partial collection of our take from the Farmers market
We also visited Shoshone Falls.  Apparently, they’re spectacular in the spring but not usually by this time of year because they divert the water for irrigation.  We were told this was a record-breaking year, however, and they were still spectacular!  Beautiful!  Although you have to pay to get in, it only costs $3 a car, which also covers Dierke Lake.
Beautiful Shoshone Falls
They like to call this the "Niagara of the West"
It was actually super hot in the sun, and we all brought our swimsuits so we could go swimming at Dierke Lake.  They even had a diving board!  We ended up not staying very long because a storm blew in.  We left before the thunder & lightning, but honestly, it didn’t last long at all, and only a few drops of rain fell.

Honestly, that pretty much sums up the week…RV maintenance with a couple of fun activities strewn in there.  I would say that Steve & I celebrated our 14th anniversary this week, as well, but the truth is, there wasn’t really any room for celebration as we were knee deep in laundry & RV washing & waxing before leaving the next morning to begin our round-about trek to Yellowstone.  Bummer…looking forward to celebrating some other time though!  

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Jim and Luci Rose said...

Glad you are seeing part of this great State of Idaho, and enjoying yourselves..We are now moved down to Clarkston on the river.