Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moscow, Idaho

We decided to spend some time in Moscow based on this blog post by the Golden Gang.  They gave such glowing reviews for their time spent here that we decided that it might be a good spot to just decompress a little and try to figure out what sort of routine we should be striving for now that Steve is not working.  Living this lifestyle has made it very obvious that we have compartmentalized our roles in our family for the last nearly fourteen years.  I have been used to managing my routine with the kids, homeschooling, & regular household chores during the week, while Steve has faithfully gone to work & provided well for our family as well as handled most household maintenance issues.  Now, we are together in tight quarters all the time.  He is around & able to help more with the day-to-day work of raising the kids.  I would be lying if I said it has been easy to adjust to being around each other 24/7 with such tight space constraints; it has been challenging at times!  We are still negotiating how much alone time we each need, how much couple time we need, how much one-on-one time each kid needs, and how much family time is needed, and how in the world to accomplish all of it!   

When we arrived in Moscow, it was a Friday, and the first place we wanted to stay, Robinson County Park, was full…though we narrowly escaped an ugly encounter with a metal post while trying to squeeze in through the narrow entrance gates on a gravel downhill in an attempt to check out the campground & turn around.  (This is a beautiful, quiet little campground, but if you’ve got a big rig, beware that the entry gates are narrow, so plan your approach carefully!)  Our second choice was the Latah County Fairgrounds, also full, thanks to a gun show we had no prior knowledge of.  Weekends in the summer…  We did locate an RV park in Moscow with availability where we stayed for 3 nights while we waited for the Latah County Fairgrounds to open up.  We were so glad we made the switch though! Here’s why:
  1.  This playground was totally & completely awesome.  The kids played there everyday, twice a day at least.  The slides were fast, and there were multiple monkey bar options.  It was so close that the girls could go play at the playground together without Steve or me having to take them.
  2.  Nice neighbors.  The first campground we stayed at here in Moscow was quiet, and there was considerably more space between RVs, but part of the fun of doing this is meeting new people.  We’re so glad we got a chance to meet Mrs. Lucy & Mr. Jim!  And a big thanks to Mr. Paul for teaching Steve how to grease the RV wheels.
  3.  Right across the street from the supermarket.  It was so nice to just walk over to Safeway to get whatever we needed or wanted whenever we needed it. 
  4. An awesome city water park!  It was so much fun that we spent two Saturdays here!   Great slides & a super fun obstacle course the first time we went!  Steve was determined he’d be able to complete the obstacle course without falling off; good thing he’s a persistent guy since it took 6 or 7 tries before he accomplished it! J  Genna even finally overcame her fear and went down the little kid froggy slide just before we left on our second visit, after I bribed her with Skittles.  Once she started, she didn’t want to stop!!
Our awesome neighbors Jim and Lucy.  This was taken right after we got back from going to church with them
Two fun waterslides
They had an obstacle course that they set up while we there
Our girls took a turn spraying 
Girls had no problems
Course was much harder for those who weigh close to 200
Enjoying the giant snow cones they sell here

Steve also spent quite a bit of time biking on the trails around here & totally loved it!  The pace was slow enough that we had a chance to discuss priorities & managed to come up with a fluid routine.  I was excited, & the kids were, too.  Routine spells rigidity & boredom in Steve’s world, but he seems to be coping. ;)  Steve also started reading short stories to the big girls from "Stories to Remember", an old literature textbook he picked up at a garage sale.  He would read the short stories and then assigned writing compositions to present to the family after each reading.  I’m so glad he took this on; the girls have written some excellent compositions, & not to be outdone, Genna always grabs a book & paper & takes her turn to stand on the stool in front of the fridge & present some crazy story of her own.  Love, love it!! 

There are two bike trails that head in opposite directions leaving  Moscow.  They were formerly rail lines.
View from the Latah Trail, they call this landscape the Palouse
Palouse gives way to forest as you approach the town of Troy
Love the Palouse

We’re so glad we stopped awhile in Moscow!  We had a chance to enjoy the area & all it has to offer without feeling rushed.  Despite spending 9 days here, the kids wish we could stay even longer!

And this little guy got his second tooth!  Unfortunately, its advent brought with it fever, crankiness, & an upset tummy, but he’s on the mend again.


Golden Gang said...

I am thrilled to hear that you guys had such a great time!!!

Love your blog, keep it up!!

Janet said...

What a great place to PLAY! :)