Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chief Timothy Park, Clarkston, WA

Our time here at Chief Timothy was a bit of a mixed bag.  I’ll start with the good stuff.  Our site was along the river with gobs of blackberry bushes bursting with ripe blackberries free for the picking.  Yumm!  The plan is to make blackberry crisp now that our oven is fully operational!  There were some wild kittens living in those bushes, too, and our girls had fun putting food out for them & waiting patiently for them to come & eat.  There was also a beachy swimming area not far from our site that all the kids had a lot of fun at.  We also had great neighbors, super friendly.

Now, I’ll address the more challenging aspects of our time here.  At Chief Timothy, they run sprinklers for an hour every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday morning.  Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, these sprinklers are like turbo jet sprinklers.  One of the sprinkler heads was just off the paved pad for the RV, and when it went off, it was like a car wash jet spraying the side & underside of the RV by the door to enter & exit.  They shoot far & wide, with phenomenal pressure, drenching absolutely everything.  Sooo glad we weren’t tent camping because it would have been unbearable. 

Also, to continue on our little string of things going wrong with the RV, we had a bit of an incident upon our arrival to our campsite the first night.  Despite the fact the site was paved, it was very uneven, so while the kids went to play at the playground, Steve was working to set up & get things level.  He drove up on some blocks to help even things out, and forgot to chock before unhitching.  If we were on a completely level pad, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but we weren’t, & it was a big deal.  The RV slid off the blocks, clipping the left side rail of the truck & pinning it, and bending the front right “leg” that supports the front of the RV while unhitched.  Yikes!!!  Steve was sweating bullets, but fortunately God had already provided some help.  Just minutes before it happened, we got new neighbors, & Dwight was just the voice of calm that Steve needed to help him get the RV jacked up safely, so that we could extricate the truck and then rehitch the RV to the truck.  Now, we were stuck hitched to the truck until we could get the leg fixed, but we were stable & safe.  The truck was fine, just a nick on the plastic on the top of the bed.  Somewhat ironically, Dwight was only there for one night, just long enough to help us out. 

Of course, just because we needed a little more drama, as we slid out, we discovered that I had also made a big blunder & nearly damaged the master slide.  Steve had commented that he thought we could store things under our mattress, & I had done more rearranging in Moscow to better accommodate the pack’n play in our bedroom.  Although I showed Steve what I had done & asked if he thought it would be okay, we should have tested it.  We won’t be storing things under the mattress again, but thankfully, some renailing of boards was all that was needed to get our slide functional again.  Whew!!

 The next morning, after waking up feverish in the middle of the night again, Jake puked all over me & seemed to finally feel better.  Yay!  So off we went to town to try & get the leg issue resolved.  We met an awesome guy at Krueger’s RV (Jasen Skalicky) who spent hours with us helping teach Steve what he needed to know to not only replace the broken leg but also to teach us important maintenance tips that we didn’t know & help us with other questions/issues about the RV.  I cannot say enough about how patient & knowledgeable this guy is!  Ironically, one of the guys who helped us out in Coeur d’Alene gave Steve a card for this guy, but Jake ate the card.  Steve recognized his name when we met him though!
Our campsite backed right up to the river
Upon our return to our campsite, Steve worked the rest of the day to correctly install the new leg/jack & be able to finally unhitch the RV.  Yay!!  I should have just breathed a sigh of relief, but between the broken leg/jack, the master slide, a sick baby, and not nearly enough sleep….yeah, it wasn’t my finest hour.  Was I grateful??  Absolutely, but still, it was all feeling a bit much…   

View from the North overlooking Lewiston and Clarkston.  The huge decline was  a bit scary towing the RV.   We took these on our arrival from Moscow.  We didn't realize that we would be descending into a desert.
The Snake river winds through the two cities

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