Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What House???

Not my house anymore :)  :(

After spending time at cousins’ houses, Genna informed us that she didn’t want to sleep in the RV.  I asked her if she missed her old house, to which she replied, “What house???”  Kinda funny, but the reality is that nearly three months after moving out of our old house, there are some family members that are missing our old house.  And that’s okay; I do, too; the rv doesn’t quite feel like home yet!  Some things that are missed: space (if Steve is standing at our bathroom sink, I cannot get by him to get to my clothes or Jake’s clothes), beds (real mattresses are more comfy than rv ones), bubble baths, and baking (cookies, biscuits, fresh bread).  Yeah, I hate to admit this, but we can’t seem to figure out how to light the pilot on our oven, and we actually have asked a couple fellow rv’ers.  I think we need to bleed the line, but we haven’t figured out how to do it.  It has been so hot that I figured it wasn’t prudent to heat up the rv by using the oven, but after living life with a double oven for so many years, I truly miss the option of baking.  I’m sure we’ll eventually solve this problem, but I still miss it! 

SOLD !?!
Another thing I think we miss, dare I say, is routine!  No, I don’t miss the boring, mundane stuff of life, and yet, I miss having an established way of doing things.  I will admit that I have trouble getting it all done everyday.  In our old way of life, I would have procrastinated doing dishes or laundry so I could work on a project, but here, I cannot put off doing dishes or whatever, so that I can work on a project (i.e. the blog), especially if moving day is within 24-48 hours.  The reality is that I still have four kids, including a six month old and a three year-old that still need lots of my time and attention, and thus far, I have had even less “free time” than I did before..  Actually, I guess I should say I have less freedom to take free time because it certainly is not like I managed to get it all done in our old house!  I keep thinking that will change, but nearly three months into this adventure, it hasn’t thus far.  Not griping, just trying to process why it is that even though my home is so much smaller than it was before, I still have trouble getting it all done…

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