Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventures in Great Falls, Montana

Miles and miles of up and down

We had another 400 mile driving day.  Absolutely beautiful scenery, but hard, hard driving!  It was sooo hilly, up & down, up & down.  It was impossible to make good time!  We aren’t McDonald’s people, but I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever driven so many miles in the US without seeing a single McDonald’s!  Towns were few & far between & not much to them.  We stopped in Circle, Montana for lunch at a place called The Lunchbox.  Yummy subs & nice people.  As we were walking from the RV to The Lunchbox, we passed a sign for Montana Liquor & Gun Store.  Alyssa exclaimed, “That just doesn’t seem like a good combination!  You go & buy your stuff, then you drink & you’re awfully tempted to buy a gun!” LOL! 
Big Sky Country is not an empty slogan

We stayed in Great Falls at a place called Dick’s RV Resort.  The place has full hookups with a pull-through site.  Lots & lots of rvs!  When Steve pulled in, he had me direct him to drive up on boards to help level our rig.  As I was staring at the tires, I noticed a bubble on one!  Yikes!  Soooo glad we saw this one while we were NOT driving AND we were staying in a town that had pretty much everything we could possibly need.  Steve spoke to a fellow fifth wheeler whom we learned had been full-timing for 12 of the last 15 years!  He helped direct him as to how to go about getting it all taken care of, and the whole thing really turned out to be a non-event, just more money & minor inconvenience, such a huge blessing, especially considering the hard driving we had just completed and the driving still to come to get to Glacier!
Glad we saw this before it blew

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Anonymous said...

Love keeping up with you guys thru the blog. Thank you for keeping up with it :)
ps--I am still so sad for you guys about Belle.

kimberly g