Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer ???

Lake MacDonald from Rocky Point in Glacier National Park

I realize the month of July is more than two-thirds over, but this doesn’t feel like summer!!  We arrived in Hungry Horse, Montana at Mountain Meadow RV Park for our week-long stay to visit Glacier National Park.  The temperature has been in the mid-60’s for a high and the 40’s at night!!  It’s actually cold!!  And boy, Steve was bummed to learn that all the hikes he had been researching & looking forward to for our time here are closed due to snow!  Apparently, it is the coldest summer they’ve had here in years.  Nonetheless, we are here, and Steve decided we’d go for a reasonable hike today after the rain cleared.  Kids weren’t so thrilled at the thought…until we discovered huckleberries along the trail!  After passing all these little roadside stands with huckleberries, Steve looked them up online so he knew what they looked like.  They were everywhere along the trail, and my oh my, we picked a lot of them!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen our girls so excited about a hike.  We couldn’t get them to stop picking; even Genna had a blast picking and eating!  I think huckleberry pancakes are for breakfast tomorrow!  Yummm!!

Genevieve Annalise
Alyssa Eliana

Shanan Grace

Much of the forest here was burnt in a forest fire

We met a family visiting from China

Our huckleberry take, what we didn't eat
Yummy Huckleberry Pancakes

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Golden Gang said...

Sounds like SO much fun! What a blessing, to find all those wonderful berries. :)
Hope to see you guys on the road one day!