Friday, July 29, 2011

Polson, Montana

After leaving Glacier, we continued our trek westward with the goal of making it to Spokane by Sunday afternoon, so Steve could finish out his last week of work training his replacement.  We were hoping to secure a spot at Big Arm State Park on Flathead Lake along the way for two nights.  We did pull in, and we determined that it is indeed a lovely place to camp!  Absolutely beautiful sites, most right on the lake, and the lake is gorgeous!  However, there were only a few sites large enough to accommodate us, and they were all already occupied or reserved.  We nearly hit a large tree as we rounded the loop!  Fortunately, Steve saw it prior to hitting it and managed to back up & maneuver carefully without damaging the rv or the tree.  We continued on to Polson and set about trying to secure a place to stay.  We saw a super spendy motorcoach resort; each site had a very nice outdoor kitchen and patio set.  We stopped there to change a poopy diaper, and I wish I had taken a picture.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

We ended up staying at a little rv resort for the night.  We took the kids for a frigid swim in Flathead Lake.  I declined the opportunity to freeze my tush off. J  Afterwards, we went out at the only Thai restaurant in town.  We all miss the yummy Thai restaurants in North Dallas.  This wasn’t bad, but it definitely lacked the complexity in flavors we’re used to. 

 Linda had one of these old record players as a kid
I like the way the way he thinks
They had an old soda fountain display
The kids loved the old food containers with many brands they knew
We took off in direction of Missoula, a little concerned about finding a place to stay for the next two nights, Friday & Saturday (weekend + summer-time makes travelling reservation-less a little nerve-wracking at times).  We passed right by the Miracle of America Museum, and then decided we’d backtrack and check it out!  So glad we did!  We all enjoyed browsing through gobs of relics from the past, and the little coin-operated rocking boat for little kids was worth waaaay more than the dime it took to make it go!  Genna giggled & giggled, and Shanan, despite her age & legginess, insisted that she simply must have a turn, & since we had another dime, we acquiesced.

A Vietnam era chopper
Many, many old restored cars
Really old snowmobiles
"snow car"
They had old playground equipment from before the lawyers took over
Although a strong case can be made that these see-saws weren't very safe.   Shanan jumped off and hurt Alyssa.

We’d definitely recommend making the stop here.  It wasn’t pricey, we had to pry the kids away despite having been there for nearly three hours, and the owners actually run the place and are as nice as can be.  As we were leaving, Steve expressed concern about finding a place to stay in Missoula as our first choice was already full, and she offered to let us stay on her property, and she really meant it!  We didn’t take her up on the offer, but we were so glad we had backtracked and made time for a visit here.  


Sarah said...

I love seeing where all you go! Makes me want to head out for a road trip! HUGS to all of you!

Janet said...

Linda, we drove by Flathead Lake from Missoula to Kalispell & back. Both times we were amazed at how beautiful it is! Awesome that you got to spend a night by it. :)