Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Biggest Detail

In many ways, the biggest detail that must be taken care of in order for this adventure to happen is the selling of our house.  And so we have arrived at the juncture of the biggest detail.  Our house went on the market this week...two showings so far.  And, coincidentally, the 14 year anniversary of our engagement was this week, as well.  Who could have known the adventures we'd face together in 14 years??  We've walked through fantastic times, good times, bad times, and just plain hard times, too, but we've managed to hang in there & grow closer together & to God.  So in this next & final phase, I trust that it will all be okay.  I don't know how long this phase will last, and I admit that I'm specifically praying that it won't last too long because it sure is a challenge enjoying being in this house full of memories while keeping it show ready.  Seeing our house all cleaned up, spiffed up, and set to lure potential buyers reminds me that I really DO still like this house, but most of all, I am fond of the life we've lived here, and memories can be made anywhere and can go anywhere, thank goodness! So here is just a reminder that God is in control, and I choose to trust his sovereignty over our lives, which means I trust HIS timing for the sale of our house.

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