Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet Seasons Farms Corn Maze

RV life has heightened our awareness of fun things to do together as a family. The importance of getting out each weekend for family fun has proven itself time & again. Each work/school week goes much more smoothly when we devote attention to this detail! As the weather is becoming less swim-friendly, the beach & river are beginning to lose some appeal!

Katie's first cow train
Jake was scared
The cow train is off
Fortunately, Steve found out about this corn maze & was able to get discount tickets through his work. The weather was perfect (if not exactly fall-like)--warm & sunny! We arrived later than we planned because it became apparent that Jake desperately needed a nap (he's been staunchly refusing to fall asleep 75-90% of the time that I put him down), & despite the fact that the address for this place is Milton, it's pretty faaaaar out!

The maze from the sky
Katie enjoyed the Zinnas, some as big as her
"This way everyone"
We did the corn maze together as a family, solving the Bible clues as we went. Since the car ride to get here was pretty far, Jake was completely convinced that we must have gone all the way to South Carolina & he asked several times in the maze, "Where's Grandpa Frick?? Where's Uncle Glen??" Can you tell this guy is all about the boys?

Bike races were lots of fun
Mom just got passed by a kid
Alyssa trying to hold off Shanan at the finish line
Steve & the big girls waited in what turned out to be a long, veeerrryyyy slow-moving line to shoot the corn cannon. While they were waiting, I took Jake to play on the slides, & wow, he had! He must have gone fifty times in a row without a break!  Living out here in Holt, there are no playgrounds close-by! And I miss them. A lot! This little guy of ours is completely normal in that he has oh-so-much-energy to burn, so that he has less energy left over to harangue me. :)

Genna shooting the corn canyon
The cannon shoots actual corn cobs
It was debatable whether the long line was worth it.
Thanks to the corn cannon line moving at a snail's pace, we were scrambling to fit as many of the other activities in as we could before closing time.  We did well!  We finished our time on the jumping pillow, which they graciously kept open past the official closing time.  Jumping pillows will forever bring back fantastic memories of Small Country Campground in Louisa, Virginia & our friends the Hubachers.

The girl enjoyed rolling these huge pipes
It wasn't easy to stay upright inside the tubes
Alyssa catching some major air on the bouncing pillow

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