Friday, October 31, 2014

October Walking Wars

When you live in an RV & you're not travelling, the walls can start to close in on you!  In an effort to help keep morale up and also just get out & get some fresh air every day, Steve devised a walking contest for the month of October.  The RV park we're staying at has a half-mile loop around the perimeter, so Steve decided that everyone should walk a minimum of 100 laps, or 50 miles, for the month.  And by everyone, he meant everybody but Jake & Katie.  If we all meet the minimum requirement of 100 laps, he promised we could go out for doughnuts at the end of the month. The winner, the one who walked the most laps, could get as many doughnuts as they wanted.  Of course, we all knew that when you don't eat doughnuts very often, you can't eat very much at once!  (And that's a good thing!)

The circumference is exactly a half mile
The good news is that we all met or exceeded our 100 lap minimum, and Jake managed to complete 50 laps!  Three year old Zavockis notoriously have whining issues regarding walking/hiking.  The same boy who hiked Delicate Arch at two with no complaining dreamed up a million reasons why he couldn't walk any more for this contest. ;)  Although Steve is a staunch competitor, he was unable to stir up that competition amongst the girls.  Mostly, he just stirred up bad attitudes, at least initially.  Nonetheless, everyone ended up doing well, and it was a "win" for everyone for various reasons.

Alyssa pushing Katie's stroller on one her laps
Genna, at the age of six, competely rocked the competition!  She loved going for walks and often ran, swinging her arms like a windmill, and chattering endlessly!  She always had the best attitude about going, hardly ever passing up a chance to get just one more lap in.

The long back stretch of the walk around Eagle's Landing RV Park
Shanan & Alyssa had some time management issues to work out.  Between chores (dishes, trash, etc.) & school assignments, they would periodically get behind, but there were some benefits they gleaned.  Shanan discovered that an easy way to catch up was to go jogging with Steve....and, she discovered that she is actually pretty good at it & really enjoys it!  Definitely a win!

Alyssa discovered that her natural strength may lie more in the area of gymnastics & other strength, flexibility & agility type sports as opposed to distance running...but, she is such a persistent, determined girl, & I love that about her.  She pushed herself & jogged some, even though it wasn't easy for her!

As we headed out for our final celebratory lap before heading out for doughnuts, Katie insisted that she walk with us, instead of riding in the stroller.  I couldn't believe she walked the entire lap, a whole half mile!  She was ecstatic to be doing what everyone else was doing!  She is one super cute little girl, growing up so fast! :)

Katie was just learning to walk when we arrived at Eagles's Landing

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