Saturday, August 2, 2014

Visiting the Crestview Zoo

We decided to take the Littles to the zoo while our big girls were at summer camp. Zoos never seem to be cheap, and the zoo here in Crestview isn't big, but we still had a lot of fun. It was a hot, sticky day, typical for this area in the summer. Nonetheless, the zoo is pretty well shaded, so it wasn't so bad. The mosquitos were kinda vicious though, at least for Katie who gets big welts when she's bitten.

Our favorites from this day would have to be the tiger, Koda, and the baby patas monkey in the gift shop. Steve was drawn in by Koda's interactive self, but the kids & I were enchanted with the baby monkey who was so animated & putting on a great show for us in her pack'n play!

They never seemed to grow tired of the goats, and vice versa
As soon as he saw us, he came over and kept rubbing his scent on the fence
It was unusual to see one of the big cats so active and friendly
He then sat down and acted like he wanted to be petted
This is a Korean golden pheasant
Katie tried to put her foot on the goats head
The baby pig was friendly
Genna was liking the attention
The little seven week old monkey was lots of fun

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