Monday, August 18, 2014

Rivers Edge RV Park, Holt, Florida

Change---a common theme around the Zavocki household. Even when we think we have a reasonably clear picture of what is next, it seems to morph into the not-so-clear. After moving to Alabama to work just across the state line at his job in Pensacola, Florida, Steve learned that there was a good chance he would be moved to Milton, Florida. That good chance turned into a certainty, so we had to surrender our opportunity to stay for a month or two at a really awesome RV park with a waterpark and be content with our 5 days/6 nights there.  Steve explored the area near his new office (far from new, just new to him) & tried to find an RV park that would work well for our family and still be a not-so-bad commute for him. And so, we moved to Holt, Florida and settled in at RiversEdge RV park. The great things...very spacious sites & not an excess of rules, plus river access if you fish and/or have a boat. The not-so-great things...electric is not included, the bathhouse is definitely not awesome, and there are no amenities. There is a clubhouse onsite that we had hoped to be able to use for homeschooling, but we discovered it is only used for coffee, doughnuts, & news in the wintertime. I'm pretty sure that the coffee, doughnuts & news is not targeted towards our demographic!  

Katie being her cute self
Jake loves dirt
Nonetheless, we did end up with a really sweet site in the end, with a spacious yard for the littles to play in.  It helped it feel a lot less RV-parklike. And the sand??? Wellllll, as Jake would say, it was completely awesome. For those of us that like to keep the inside of our place reasonably clean, not actually so incredibly awesome. But, I will say that watching Jake & even Katie have sooooo much fun playing in the sand & at the edge of the river was, in a word, fantastic. :)

Playing by the Yellow River
Jake teaching Nathanael how to be rowdy, but he seems to have it figured out already
We also met another fulltime family with a little boy a year younger than Jake. Jake & Nathanael made friends & played trucks together almost daily. Daniel & Toni and Steve & I enjoyed swapping stories from our experiences on the road & sharing homeschooling wisdom. We were sad to see them leave but happy to know we have new friends on the road!  

We did really enjoy our time here, but we ended up only staying one month...mostly because of the lack of clubhouse use & nice bathhouse combined with the metered electric. I still sometimes miss those big sites though.

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