Saturday, July 26, 2014

Steve's Birthday & the second annual Shipman visit

The good times before our Jake joined them at the table & spontaneously fell headfirst off his chair in an attempt to avoid eating "food I don't like."
Well, Steve is getting older.  It's evidenced by the increase in gray hair as well as his age. ;)  That's right, he had another birthday!  We celebrated early as a family since our big girls were going to be en route to camp on his actual birthday.  As we were getting ready to head out for dinner, Jake asked, "Are we going to eat Dad's birthday??"  I responded, "Yes, we are going out to eat for Dad's birthday."  He came back with, "Weelllllll, I had a drinking birthday!!"  Whattt???!!  I guess he starts young, LOL.  Then I remembered, we were in California for his last birthday, and he had a milkshake for his birthday dessert, hence a "drinking birthday"!

On Steve's actual 45th birthday, we spent the day driving around, scouting out RV parks to see if we could find a better place for our family than our current spot, and also just getting a feel for what's in the area.  It was an altogether peaceful day with just our three littles.  Amazing how the family dynamics change when you remove a kid or two!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that we got a chance to see the Shipman's the day after Steve's birthday.  We got to spend Steve's birthday with them last year when they drove through Utah on their way back to Texas from Oregon.  Who knew they'd be vacationing in Destin for Steve's birthday this year, and we'd be less than an hour away??? Kinda crazy!  We had a great time hanging with Joe & Emily & company, as well as Mike & Corinne & crew, and Andrew & Stephanie & kids, too!  Now the question is...where will we be on Steve's birthday next year??!!? :)

Genna and Ashley had so much fun together!
Grilled peaches--so incredibly simple & sooo good!

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