Saturday, April 12, 2014

The last three months in Utah -Making lifelong friends

One of the hardest things about our time in Utah was the difficulty in making really good friends.  We tried, but it was just hard.  However, our season there ended with some fantastic friends.  Sometimes things don't happen on our time schedule. ;) When Shanan turned 12, she was old enough for youth group, and since parental involvement was required & we had a new baby, Steve filled the role.  It really was a great thing, and they both met some really awesome people.  Steve even asked to "bend the rules," so Alyssa could attend, even though she wasn't technically old enough.

Brianna and Alyssa were born on the exact same day.  How cool is that?
We also met another family new to the area, the Valdez's.  I can only say I wish we'd met sooner.  I love how sometimes God surprises you with amazing friends that nearly instantaneously become family.  It is uncanny how quickly some friendships can form!  Joel & Jona' have the gift of hospitality, & they bless so many with it, including us.  In the last few months in Utah, we shared lots of good food & fellowship.  Alyssa & Brianna became fast friends, as well as Genna & Aida, & Jake & Jude.  I think even Shanan & Josh had fun playing poker. ;)  We miss you all so much, Valdez's!

We also met an awesome family, the Cameron's. This was taken at Hannah's 13th birthday.
Hanging at the Spring concert.  I promise they weren't all trying to have creepy eyes.  They are just naturally that creepy! ;)
Headbands were required to attend the party.  Note the large vat of carrot juice, every teen girl's party beverage of choice! ;)
Just another chance to play with makeup
Aida reading Genna a story in a toddler bed
Linda and Jona
Best buddies & biggest mess makers
We loved the Rock Church
Joel speaking at youth group
At youth group: The kids were supposed to make a house out of food
The kids were part of an amazing youth group that we'll certainly miss.

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Jona said...

We miss all of the Zavocki's too. Jude still only has one best buddy, and that of course is Jake Man.
We are secretly, or maybe not so secretly, hoping for the return of the Zavocki Family.
Friendships and family relationship doesn't need a long time to develop if Gods in the middle. And you know you're family already.
We love you all!