Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goodbye Utah -- or at least "See ya later..."

Goblin Valley State Park
Steve had a start date lined up for April 21st in Pensacola, Florida.  Therefore, despite the fact that the house sale fell through and Shanan still had her braces on, it was time for him to leave....and time for the kids & I to stay behind, hopefully sell the house, get Shanan's braces off, and pack up.

We decided that Steve would leave with the RV on April 13th, and we would follow him to Green River for a much needed mini-getaway as a family, away from the pressures of keeping the house show-ready, leaving for showings, and trying to empty & pack-up the house.  It also happened to coincide with my birthday.

One last Sunday-after-church lunch with the Valdez's before heading out.
Although it seemed a bit like extra hassle at the time, I'm so glad we did it this way.  The last few weeks, even months, had been ultra-stressful, so it was so great to get away together as a family for a last hurrah at one of our all-time favorite spots -- Goblin Valley State Park & Little Wild Horse Canyon.  The large hole at the entrance to Little Wild Horse Canyon was a good reminder as to how quickly things can change!  Not quite one year ago, we hiked this same trail & the hole simply wasn't

Enjoying lunch overlooking the Valley of the Goblins
This is the entrance to the canyon.  There is a giant hole that wasn't there in 2013 when we visited. 
The most narrow part of Little Wild Horse Canyon
Our third hike up Little Wild Horse Canyon and certainly not our last
We have more kids each time we visit
The sad part of all of this, was that the next day we would be going in different directions
After a full day playing & just enjoying being a family, we stopped for dinner at the nicest, best joint in town--Ray's Tavern!  A couple months later & the kids still talk about that place---mixing up their own dipping sauce for their fries from ketchup, mustard, & mayo was oh-so-much-fun to them!  Sometimes, it's the little things that make us so happy! :)

It was hard to say goodbye, but alas, it had to be done.  Steve drove away & the kids & I took off to the little museum down the road to kill a little time to ensure we wouldn't arrive home before the scheduled showing was over.

Genna posing on our favorite hoodoo.  We almost gave up looking for it, but eventually found it.  
The last time Katie was in this spot, she was on the inside.
The finest restuarant in Green River.  Nothing but the finest for Linda's birthday!

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