Sunday, April 20, 2014

Harvest Church in Summerdale, Alabama

John and Bonnie having fun with the kids
The next morning after arriving in Alabama, I felt like it was important to attend church as it was Easter. I googled "churches near me" and the first link was for Harvest Church.  I looked at their website and saw that the pastor had five kids (all grown),  It seems like anyone with 5 kids must be alright, so I decided to go there that morning.

Harvest Church was a real blessing to me and the rest of the family. The church was much smaller than we were used to, and the members were more senior than we were used to, but everyone was so incredibly welcoming and friendly. The pastor and the whole congregation have such a big heart for people, and it shows in the way they love on everyone that walks through their church doors.

The pastor John and his wife Bonnie invited me out to lunch after church that first day and we became friends. They really looked out for me during the time I was here in Alabama alone.  They were excited to meet Linda & the kids when they finally arrived from Utah.  John & Bonnie invited the whole family over for lunch and blueberry picking after church one day.  They have over 20 blueberry plants, & they were prolific producers this year!  We all got to experience blueberry picking, and we filled our little RV freezer with lots of plump, juicy blueberries!

We really enjoyed attending Harvest Church for the first three months of our stay in this area, until my work moved my office location to Milton, Florida at the end of July. Even though we are no longer nearby, we plan on maintaining our friendship wherever life takes us.

Jake was upset when it was time to leave

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