Friday, May 18, 2012

Spending time with Linda's brother Glen

While in town for my parents' 50th anniversary celebration, we parked the rig at my brother Glen and his wife Cindy's place.  Our kids always love visiting them because they have a little farm, complete with horses, goats, chickens, and even puppies this year!  We got to do a little tree trimming on the way in because we're kind of tall--over 13 feet!  We also helped shovel poop out of the barn and spread it over the garden to be tilled under---definitely a new experience for my girls!  Jake was delighted with the abundance of sticks; he always had at least one in his hand. :)  Shanan really enjoyed the chance to help take care of a dog again as Cindy was fostering a dog that had just given birth to six puppies!  All the kids loved them, and I purposefully didn't spend too much time with them because I was afraid I'd cave and think we could have one!  My oh my they were adorable!  It was so great to be able to stay for long enough to see each and every one of our kids really warm up to and enjoy their Uncle Glen & Aunt Cindy and their Grandparents! That was really priceless!  Genna worked her usual charm getting snuggles as often as she could from all the extra available laps, and Jake hung out with all the men, of course!  Such a little man!

Genna loves her grandpa!
Haircut time for Uncle Glen
Half way done

Joyriding in Glen's 1954 Buick

Hugs for Grandma
Linda went to visit her Aunt Annie and Uncle Lewis
The puppies were visibly bigger and more playful by the time we left.

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Elizabeth said...

Ohhh, those puppies sure are cute! I followed you from a comment on another blog :) As a family starting out on the road this year with 3 boys and a girl, I can relate to your blog!