Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clarkesville, Georgia

We spent nearly a week here in Clarkesville, just about 10 miles from Tallulah Gorge.  Again, we were able to stay at another condo and take advantage of a swimming pool, mini-golf, tennis courts, and a chance to catch up on laundry.  It was good timing, too, because I was wanting/needing a little downtime.  No doubt, there are some awesome things about this lifestyle, but I've come to realize there are some down sides, as well.  Some days I just need a chance to "stay home" and play catch up on chores and/or do something for myself, of my own choosing.  Because we know we're doing this for a limited amount of time, there is the tendency to feel like we must see and do all we possibly can, but I confess that for me that can lead to burnout.  Even though there is another beautiful site to see, sometimes what I really need to do most is stay back and have some alone time.  Without that, it becomes more difficult to really enjoy what we're seeing/doing, and the blog takes a backseat because I just need a chance to recharge.  Steve did a great job while we were here in Clarkesville taking the kids here & there to give me a chance to do just that, recharge. Good thing, too, since we're headed to SC to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary with my six siblings and their families.  Lots of fun and chaos on the horizon!!

We had fun playing tennis while here!

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