Saturday, March 28, 2015

Visiting Tallahassee Day 1

As it's been awhile since we went on a "true" family vacation, it's been such a big blessing to be able to get away sometimes for the weekend. We decided to explore Tallahassee, about a 3 hour drive from where we're staying.

Since we were driving right past Ponce de Leon again, we decided to stop for dinner at Sally's Restaurant as a nice way to break up the drive. We arrived & checked into the hotel & enjoyed some lightning fast wifi. ;) 

Katie did the slide over and over and over again.
We spent Saturday morning at the Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Science.  It doesn't really feel like a museum--it feels a bit like a cross between a small zoo & a living history venue.  It was a great place to enjoy on a cool morning, with painted dinosaurs made out of old car parts that delighted Jake, people dressed in period costumes, & old buildings to explore. We took advantage of the playground, too! A ropes course runs through the grounds, & it enticed us to consider returning for a chance to try it! They even have a small course designed for the little ones.

Can I hold your hand
Beautiful Alyssa
Friendly Cow
Jake making cornmeal
Very cool to see this Florida panther active
After working up an appetite, we went in pursuit of food. Steve had told everyone we'd eat pizza slices as big as our head for lunch, but alas, Momo's near the University was simply impossible for our crew. There were some sorely disappointed children! Our second choice, also recommended by a friend, Vertigo's Burgers, was also absurdly crowded, but we were able to get in. We did not anticipate it would take sooo long to get our food, but no one passed out from hunger while we waited. Well, Jake did fall asleep in his chair, & Katie finished her nap she'd begun in the car. The food was worth the wait, I in, the food was yummy, but the wait was ridiculous. Shanan & I tried the Thai chicken burger, & it was really good. Steve ordered the vertigo, & when he took his first bite, the egg burst & literally shot out the side of his burger, somehow nailing Katie's nose & cheek, as well as the front & sleeve of my sweater! Seriously, what are the chances of that happening??!! I was so tired & hungry, I *might* have overreacted, but I quickly saw the humor in it.  

Feeling better from food & rest, we decided to bypass the art museum on the Florida State campus that we'd initially planned to go to, and we headed toward Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. It's kind of like an arboretum. The Maclay family came here from New York each winter, so most of the plants flower from January to April. The azaleas & rhododendrons bloomed early this year, so the peak was already over, but it was still really pretty.  

The gardens were nearly perfect
We spent a lot time relaxing and building up an appetite for pizza 
As we were leaving the Gardens, we decided to try one more time for pizza at Momo's, the location *not* by the University. This time, success! Jake was hopelessly asleep at the table, but that worked out just fine because he was exhausted, & we had to wait awhile for our food.  The crazy huge 30" pizza was super yummy, a great ending to the day. And no, we couldn't finish it all, but it is kind of crazy how much food this family of seven can consume when starving!

Genna having fun exploring the gardens
Love that smile
Jake in front of the rhododendrons

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