Sunday, March 29, 2015

Visiting Tallahassee Day 2

After checking out of the hotel, we drove to Wakulla Springs to check out a glass-bottomed boat tour to see manatees, as recommended by a friend. We were disappointed to hear when we arrived that the waters were too murky for the glass-bottomed boat tours, and that the weather had warmed up too much for it to be likely that we'd see manatees. But...we were still able to go on the 45-minute riverboat tours. So, we did! And we found out that the glass bottomed boats haven't run for 3 years, so it's not like we just missed them.

The littles had a blast on the riverboat tour. Jake was sooo incredibly excited, & the guide quickly learned his name & helped make sure he saw all the biggest gators. Katie was enchanted with the guide as well & endlessly waved at him, pretty much the entire time!

Jake was mesmerized by the abundant wildlife
Another big gator
This smile tells us the trip was worth it
This smile as well
After the riverboat tour, Steve told the big girls he'd give them each $5 if they jumped off the high observation/diving platform into the cold springs. Although there was a bit of wavering, they did it--not once but three times! And earned their $5.

We were a bit bummed to not have seen a manatee, but we still made the most of our visit here & had good times.

Back on the road again, we made our way to Falling Waters State Park. We took the hiking trail to the sinkholes. Jake, poor guy, has an exceedingly great fear of heights. It's actually slightly amusing. He kept encouraging us to turn back & head to safer ground. Mind you, it was entirely safe--the fence was positioned far away from the sinkholes & there really was to fall in. He survived. :) And, if it was a foraging for food in the forest contest, he would have totally eaten everything he could get his hands on, without regard for safety or possibility of being poisonous. He is definitely a daredevil in other ways...but heights reduce him to quaking in his boots.

We continued along the trail to the waterfall, not impressive really, except Jake's fear that prevented him from really even looking at the waterfall, much less getting anywhere close to it. But, since there had been rain, there was at least water flowing. We continued walking the trail until it looped back to the parking lot & playground. These days, we try really hard not to pass up a playground since they're just not as commonplace here in Florida as we were used to from Utah & Texas. We all had fun & burned a little energy before making the trek back to Milton!

Another great getaway making fun, family memories!!

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