Friday, February 13, 2015

Beautiful Savannah Georgia

A trip to meet up with our old friends the Hubachers, provided us with the perfect opportunity to visit beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Steve has been working long hours, so it was really nice to get away for some family fun.

The donut-holed ottoman in the Savannah visitors center was very much enjoyed
We decided to leave after work on Thursday to make the drive a little less painful. Sadly, Katie has reached the stage of being altogether disenchanted with being strapped in her seat for very long. We thought it would be no problem to just snag a hotel along the way when we got tired, but we were wrong!  Plan A didn't work, nor Plan B, nor Plan C. Steve finally found a Red Roof Inn with availability, & it was indeed a place to stay, but by no means did it encourage us to ever stay at another Red Roof Inn again!

February means the Camellias are blooming
The squares of Savannah set it apart from most any other city that we have ever seen
Getting to Savannah earlier on Friday helped make the drama of the previous night worth it though! It was crazy cold, but it was beautiful!  We had a lot of fun just walking around the downtown historical area.  It was clean & quaint, reminiscent of European cities.  We founded an amazing-- seriously the best we've ever seen, I think--playground. Considering the dearth of playgrounds in the area we are now residing, the kids had an absolute blast, even the big kids! It was so cute to see how Jake just finds any boy, then latches on to him & makes friends with him. He's such a fun-loving, outgoing little man! An old friend of Steve's from our summer camp days met up with us after he got off work while the kids played & played.

I don't know if there is a place in the South with more Spanish Moss growing than Savannah

On Saturday, we returned to Savannah to explore a bit more while we waited for the Hubachers to arrive. We found a Cuban restaurant that was incredibly yummy for lunch! And, we played at the playground some more, although it was crazy crowded because the weather was nicer & it was the weekend.

Beautiful Fountain in Forsyth Park
Such a beautiful spot
A good place to kiss
Thanks to one of the visitor guides, we were able to find this delicious Cuban restaurant

Next to the Cuban restaurant was this store selling dinosaurs and other unusual items
"Dad, take my picture with the horse in the background"

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