Monday, January 6, 2014

California Road Trip

Steve's fear of winter was the impetus for a roadtrip to California to enjoy sunny skies and time with good friends, the Delotes!  Steve decided we'd hang out at the Delotes between Christmas and Jake's birthday, and he'd telecommute.  Mike & Karen acquiesced to Steve's plan. ;)  They're pretty easy going, as they welcomed us with open arms, despite the fact that we come with five children in tow! 

Karen and Katie had a special connection
Jake was pretty enamored with Matt, and Matt got a taste of what it would be like if he had a little brother. ;) Katie shared some of her first laughter with Karen---sooo sweet to see! (I think they grew rather fond of each other, too!)  Between hanging out with Mike, Karen, & Matt, we played outside, went to the park, and enjoyed a little beach time.  There's just something about the beach that soothes my soul!  

Santa Monica Beach on January 1, 2014
Katie's first time to see the ocean
We enjoyed the beach all afternoon.  The temps were in the 60's and pleasant.
Under Santa Monica pier
This girl is growing up quick
This girl loves to strike a pose
Under the pier at low tide is very interesting, lots of starfish clinging to the pilings
Hard to get the Jakeman to look at the camera
Beach Beauty
We also managed to hook up with Jeb & Barb Egbert at their place in Huntington Beach. It was great to see them and catch up. Jeb was in fine form and made our girls laugh at his goofiness.

Since we would be driving back home on Jake's 3rd birthday, we celebrated the day before. We took him out for lunch, including a birthday milkshake (which later would cause him to proclaim his birthday to be a "drinking birthday"), a trip to Target to replace his truck that he lost at the beach, & a trip to the playground.  Meanwhile Mike took Matt, Shanan & Alyssa to LegoLand! Wow, I think everyone had a great time!  Sometimes I can't believe how blessed we are to have such great friends that love on & invest in our kids as if they were their own. Thanks a million for welcoming us & treating us like family, Mike, Karen, & Matt!  Miss you guys!

On the way to San Diego to visit Legoland with Uncle Mike
Fun times at Legoland

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