Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Gordon's

We were delighted to have some of our best friends come visit over Thanksgiving!  Besides the usual Thanksgiving festivities, there was a whole lot of playing & bonding going on between our kids!  To say that Jake is extremely fond of Jereme is a gross understatement!  And, Jereme played the big brother role very well!

Our girls requested a Chopped competition while the Gordons were visiting, modeled after the Food Network show called Chopped.  Jereme & Shanan teamed up against Zaynah & Alyssa.  Ali did the shopping & came home with the "basket items": salmon, jicama, citrus, ginger, & cashews.  It did get pretty heated in the kitchen, but the good news is that no one got hurt, the food was not overcooked or undercooked, & they figured out how to work together!!  Fantastic, really!  And...there was some really, truly tasty food at the end of it all. :)  Seriously, it was great to see their creativity at work!  

Jereme and Shanan working hard in the kitchen
The final lineup for the Chopped competition, we had one last commercial before we announced the results
Team Jereme/Shanan on the left, Team Zaynah/Alyssa on the right, judges were mixed and awarded a tie.

Greg, Jereme, & Zaynah also went skiing with Steve, Shanan & Alyssa.  Shanan enjoyed skiing with friends much more than just with Steve & Alyssa.  Everything is better with friends, right?? :)

Great day for skiing, it wasn't even that cold
Alyssa posing on the slope

All in all, it was a great visit.  It was truly a treat to have the chance to spend Thanksgiving with friends!  We miss you, Gordons! :) 

Thanksgiving Dinner with pecan pie for dessert that Alyssa made
We had a lot of fun playing the 'Let's Dance' games on the Wii

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