Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visit with the Hensons

We're starting to feel spoiled with so many visitors after such a long hiatus without!  Another family we met on the road, the Hensons, told us they would be passing through SLC & would love to see us!  All of us were excited, but especially Genna, since she & Kylee hit it off in grand fashion in May 2012 when we met..  To add to the drama, we were waiting on a baby, but I was secretly hoping she'd stay put, at least until the end of their visit to make it easier for hanging out together.  Those first few days after a new baby comes are exciting but exhausting!

Best buddies
Kylee & Genna picked right up where they left off before!  It was so good to see great friends & enjoy their company, share food & memories.  Genna had her first ever (sans big sisters) sleepover at Kylee's.  She could not have been more excited!  Steve took them up to Cecret Lake, though I stayed back just because this baby is due any day & has settled nicely, making the thought of hiking in the mountains a bit daunting.  Lisa got her wish & saw her first ever moose -- a mama & baby, even!

All in all, it was a lovely visit, and it helped pass the time in these final days, when Steve asks me every morning before work, "So, are you going to have the baby today?" and every night says, "Don't have the baby tonight; I'm too tired!"

Gorgeous Cecret Lake, high up in the Wasatch mountains
We saw this mama and baby moose, the first wild moose that Lisa ever saw
Sunset as we were making our way down
And, to top the visit off, baby girl did indeed make her grand debut!!  The Hensons were going to leave on Friday morning, so we decided to spend Thursday afternoon/evening together for one last hurrah.  Steve met us over at the RV park after his training meeting, and while Lisa slaved away making dinner for us (again -- they totally spoiled us this visit), we all went to the pool with Kylee.  And, when I got out of the pool, I had the distinct sensation that something was awry...yep, my water broke!  Talk about adding some excitement to our final evening together!!  And, plans for Kylee to have a sleepover at our place got bumped.  But, we didn't have the baby at the RV park. ;)  And, Kyle & Lisa decided to stay another day to get to meet our brand new addition!!  If you want the details of how the birth went down, stay tuned for the next post.  It was amazing really how it all worked out.  It was sooo incredibly sweet to get to share Katie's birth with friends!  Love how God works out the finer details!

Final photo before saying goodbye; of course Jake had to be in it.
Lisa holding Katie, it was so awesome that the Henson's extended their stay to meet her.
Kyle deciding whether to try for another ;)
Jake had so much fun playing with Kyle

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