Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our new house!

A house, ya know, the "sticks'n bricks" variety.  We decided to look for a house with RV parking, mostly because the thought of selling the RV was pretty abominable to Steve. ;)  And...we didn't want to pay for storage fees for it.  In our driving around to check out the area, we discovered that many people have RVs or boats parked next to their homes, so we knew it was surely a possibility.  We realized pretty quickly that we would end up with a larger home that we originally had in mind if we were going to find a house with parking that could accommodate our big rig in a neighborhood that was both reasonably nice and reasonably close to Steve's work.  Sooo...Labor Day was our first house hunting day, and the second house we looked at, we knew we should make an offer on.  Sure enough, three other offers came in on the heels of ours, but ours was the winning offer...and so, in record time, we landed a house here in UT.  Wow!  Still seems a little crazy that it all happened so fast, but that's kind of how it was selling our house to move into the RV, too!  We love the view of the mountains---from the girls' bedroom.  Unfortunately, our view is obscured by the frosted glass window of the master toilet room.:/  What were they thinking?  The basement is also awesome, with a built-in bookshelf and cabinets where I can keep all our homeschool stuff,  and a crazy large, cement block pantry!  We're ready for any natural disaster now! ;)  There's a lovely area for a garden in the backyard.  We're also just a short walk to a park with playground, tennis courts, and a track/trail for walking, biking, etc.  It's not perfect, but it looks perfect for us!

This is our new home.   Notice the RV parking on the right side.
The kitchen is the most popular room of the house.
Are they done yet?
The RV parked next to our house collecting snow.   We would get another 6-8 inches of snow after this photo was taken.

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Golden Gang said...

Hey Guys! It is so great to see the Lord work out all the details for your new adventure in life. I am so thankful to have met you and hope to come see you one day in SLC. :)