Friday, September 14, 2012

Beading with Friends

One day while Alyssa was out scootering around the RV park, burning off extra energy, she made a new friend!  I'm so glad she did, because we all enjoy Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Billy!  I think Debbie lured the girls in with her beading hobby.  Most evenings after work, Debbie would be outside at her picnic table, making necklaces and bracelets...AND she welcomed my girls and generously shared her beads with them, even buying beads specifically for them!  Wow---it's been so much fun and so good for my girls to craft with her! When Mr. Billy comes home from work, he always has a collection of bracelets, anklets, and necklaces to put clasps on.  It has been such a treat getting to know these guys, and it is so sweet to see our kids become friends with them.  We've been totally blessed by their kindness and generosity!  And...despite having left Pony Express RV park, we still get together every couple weeks for beading, yummy food, and hanging out.  For our sake, I hope work doesn't tug them away from Salt Lake City any time soon!

The hub of beading activity
This can go on for hours :)

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