Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's New With Genna

Things have been busy, to put it mildly. I don't always have much to show for it, but it seems my days are busy. Three children, a husband, homeschooling, chickens (four of them), a new cockatiel, and no more Simon. My biggest drain of my time at the moment, however, is a certain 7-month-old. Genna is now crawling all over the place, pulling up to stand on absolutely anything she possibly can (and started to do so before she turned 7 months!). She is also putting everything in her mouth! I've dug out any number of items over the last week, including the little round, red mouse button from the computer keyboard. She has opened CD players & removed CDs, pinched her fingers in the same player when she closed her hand in it, pulled CDs off the CD tower, and located every cord in the house. And, she's cut two teeth since the week of Christmas, and that was painful for all of us! Add a wicked case of separation anxiety to the mix, and I've got my hands full! Last night I put the older girls to bed & left Genna downstairs with her daddy, and by the time I made it back downstairs she had crawled from the sofas in the family room, through the kitchen, and had turned and was making her way through the entryway to get to me, all while sobbing at the top of her lungs. This has made sleeping a challenge...she's sleeping lighter than ever & is difficult to get down. Never a dull moment at the Zavocki house, I say!

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amy said...

Thanks for the sweet reminder that I really to not want more babies, even though they are SO DARN CUTE!