Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ponce De Leon Spring State Park

As the weather has cooled down, we've had to get a bit more creative in finding things to do together as a family on the weekends.  It's still super important to do something, as we've found quite a bit of cabin fever setting in otherwise!  We heard about Ponce de Leon Spring State Park, just a bit over an hour's drive away from us, and decided it was worth the trek.  The weather looked good for the weekend, with the lingering days of Indian summer, 70s & mostly sunny. After everyone having been sick, we were all itching for a chance to get out!

We found this delightful hole in the wall
Nothing like thick, hand-formed, never-frozen burgers
We arrived in the area & scoped out Sally's Restaurant.  Alyssa had requested that we eat out as a family, and Steve's online research netted this gem of a hole-in-the-wall.  Don't go to Sally's if you're in the mood for gourmet offerings or health-conscious choices. However, if you're in the mood for a simple *really* good burger made from fresh, never frozen, meat, with hand-formed patties, you won't be disappointed!  The sides were nothing special (though the kids were pretty enchanted with the corn fritters), honestly, but the burger is worth going back for if you're ever in the area.  The fish sandwich got rave reviews from the kids, too.  The doll displays & the clocks on the walls provided lots of interest factor for the littles.

It took a while to get these two in the water
But they did finally jump, the splash on the right is Linda
Guess I can't walk on water
Just one of the ten times or so that we made the plunge into the 68 degree water
There's not a whole lot do at Ponce de Leon--a nature walk, fishing if you remember your gear (we didn't), and a dip in some pretty chilly water--68 degrees always.  We worked up the nerve to all go for a dip, even those of us who are a little less adventure-seeking than others.  It was an example of how sometimes the difference between having an ordinary time & having an extraordinary, memorable time is being willing to stretch yourself & act a little silly! :)  I'm happy to say that everyone chose to make memories. :)  Good times were had by all!

The spring lets out into a creek, on the left is the path to the nature trail

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