Friday, July 26, 2013

Our friends the Shipmans Visit

Having the Shipman's was a great birthday present for Steve
Ironically, after having no visitors for the time we've lived here, we had two requests to see us/spend the night over fourth of July weekend when we would be gone for the rally!  Fortunately, we were able to convince both to rearrange slightly!  Friends Steve & I made when we were working summer camp in the early years of our marriage were passing through on their way back from Oregon to Texas.  It's been a few years since we saw Joe & Emily last, as well.  Both of us have more kids than before!

The girls had lots of playtime in the basement
The boys did their best to tear up the bedroom
Although it was a short visit, we packed as much visiting in as we could!  Our crew got along great with their crew.  And once our Jake decided that their Jacob wasn't really a threat, he had an absolute blast with him!  There was much mess-making, mud-making, digging, searching for snail shells, and plenty of giggling!  Even though it was a short stopover, we're so glad you guys popped in for a quick visit, Joe & Emily & crew!

Joe is so hyper that is hard to get a still shot of him
Jacob, Jake, and Isaac

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Emily said...

Thank you for having us! We hope you are all doing great and adjusting well to the newest addition!