Thursday, September 25, 2008

Body Talk

Quotes of things being said around my house these days...

  • "Sometimes it looks like you have splinters all over your body," commented Alyssa, in regard to my spiky legs.

  • "I'd looooove to have thighs like that when I grow up!" insisted Shanan, speaking of Genna's thighs.

  • "I just love your belly!" I totally can't believe Shanan actually said this & genuinely meant it. She does indeed love all things soft & squishy, and I'm grateful that someone loves it. ;)

  • "What would your belly look like if you had ten babies growing in it, all at the same time??" I don't even remember who asked, but the visual in my head isn't pretty!!

  • "Sometimes, people might think I'm 'fashion' 'cause when I stretch, sometimes I stick my booty out." I'm sure you know who said this. I asked if sticking one's booty out makes them fashionable, and the answer was, "No, but I noticed that people who are 'fashion' sometimes stick their booty out a lot." Okay, interesting observations from a five-year-old. She's a people watcher, she definitely notices what is going on around her, and she files it away and it pops out of her mouth later. Be very aware of what you say & do in her presence...I will hear about it later. ;)

  • "The part about my body that I don't like is my heels." Another Alyssa comment. First of all, what's not to like?? Secondly, heels, seriously, if this is where the dislikes begin & end, she is one lucky girl!! :) Apparently, she doesn't like the fact that her heels push down the heels of her shoes when she puts them on and leaves a crease in the heel. A problem that could be solved by loosening her shoelaces more, I might add. But then, according to Alyssa, that might count as being "too careful." ;)


In His Grip said...

You definately have girls. Too funny.

Jenny said...

I can't wait to see what kinds of things Mattie says someday--you're girls are so funny!

wanda said...

Too funny!! Glad that they haven't commented about me.... or maybe you just haven't shared it. :)

Randi said...

Love those quotes!

May Devone said...

Most of your list is my list even though I haven't written it down. About Following God through Jesus Christ, I wished this for my GS. I will rely on the Most high God more because he will carry me through.